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For Borgo de’ Medici, Tuscany has always been the starting point. All our raw materials, wines and culinary techniques originate within this territory, an area that has always supported history and traditions linked to the creation and exchange of handcrafted products. Our 400 products represent a unique heritage that spotlights quality and variety. They are the result of an extraordinarily high level of handcrafted expertise which is quite difficult to achieve. Thus, these products truly represent a distinct territorial and historical identity. Great to eat and interesting to think about, our specialties prove doubly rewarding.


Borgo de’ Medici’s philosophy can be summed up in the simple characteristics of the products listed below. Extremely concrete, our philosophy serves to transform the abstract idea of ‘bien vivre’ into healthy, genuine food products, made according to methods aimed at guaranteeing a more sustainable environment in the future.


For these reasons, we are committed to creating authentic specialties:

  • Completely natural > They are created without the use of preservatives or artificial colors and flavors.
  • Typically Tuscan > They are produced in Tuscany according to traditional production methods.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY > The goodness of Borgo de’ Medici’s products lies in our use of genuine, carefully selected ingredients that originate in a circumscribed geographic area.
  • ORIGINAL > Many Borgo de’ Medici products can only be found in Tuscany and many currently risk extinction or are difficult to find on the international market.
  • LIMITED > It’s important for us to say it: our specialties are not produced in industrial quantities and their production is subject to cycles and laws as well as to the whims of nature—just like in bygone times. If some products run out, it is necessary to wait the amount of time required by the earth and nature in order to have the same naturally superior product once more.
  • HANDCRAFTED > The production of our specialties is rigorously handcrafted without the use of industrial processes. Even packaging is carried out by hand; both of these factors limit our products when it comes to quantity, but gives them an inarguably high level of quality.

Borgo de' Medici via Y. Gagarin, 35 59100 Prato tel +39.0574.636726 fax +39.0574.545745