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Borgo de’ Medici was created as a result of noteworthy intuition and great passion. While studying at university, Massimo Pugi became passionate about the food and wine sector and began researching the creation of an economically viable plan for supporting sustainable development and biodiversity within the sector. Inspired by the lectures of Prof. Giampaolo Fabris and Prof. Vanni Codeluppi, experts in the Sociology of Consumption and Business Communications, Pugi began to develop his dream. Upon earning his degree, he decided to enroll in a Micro-economics course at LSE and, as a result, his dream was one step closer to becoming a reality. Pugi gave up his university career and created his first workshop-deposit-office, with the help of his family, which still supports him in managing the company.


Borgo de’ Medici achieved its first successes at fairs held in the main squares of Chianti’s various towns and throughout the area surrounding Florence. Said success increased the company’s confidence and pushed its managers to enlarge its product range and strengthen its team of collaborators. As product presentation became more refined, the company invested in creating exclusive products and developing original recipes, special packaging and unique flavors.


Borgo de’ Medici began participating in international fairs, where it drew substantial acclaim and gained the opportunity to establish solid business ties with foreign gourmet food chains, until it became capable of generating almost one-third of its turnover in the United States. The company’s constant and considerable growth over the years allowed it to develop an investment plan which foresaw the creation of a new headquarters. In 2005, Borgo de’ Medici established itself in a 1000-square-meter headquarters from which it carries out logistic and distributive functions, including activities linked to commercial marketing, promotion, design and research.


Founder Massimo Pugi has been joined by other competent, highly-motivated people who feel equally passionate about their work. The staff’s enthusiasm lies not only in the chance to create specialty foods from genuine products that represent our territory, it also stems from their commitment to promoting high quality handcrafted production. Borgo de’ Medici’s staff takes the consumers’ interests to heart by supplying tasty, healthy food, whose genuine quality is not easy to come by.

Borgo de' Medici via Y. Gagarin, 35 59100 Prato tel +39.0574.636726 fax +39.0574.545745