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All of Borgo de’ Medici’s products are handcrafted in highly significant production areas within the Tuscan territory. For all our products, we use traditional methods and follow regional recipes. When Borgo de’ Medici’s technical staff develops our products, either traditional or creative, they follow a few very simple rules. While their simplicity is exactly what makes these rules so difficult to follow, they include the exclusive use of only naturally produced products, without additives. Our products, whose genuineness is guaranteed by their geographically identified source, must be of select quality.

[We are so set on guaranteeing the natural and territorial origins of our raw materials, that we’ve come to know every corner of Tuscany and could tell you a thousand anecdotes illustrating how we’ve convinced artisans ‘to work in a specific way’. Ours.]



The majority of products that make up Borgo de’ Medici’s catalogue can only be found in Tuscany and many are virtually unknown within national and international markets. Often characterized by limited production, our products are subject to seasonal cycles, legislative limitations and unexpected natural events, just like those of bygone times.

[Due to the typical nature and seasonality of these delicacies, clients are often made to wait; it’s a type of delay that we simply cannot apologize for… in fact, you might even say that we’re proud of it !]



Raw materials as precious as these do not lend themselves well to an industrial approach. Our gems are fashioned in the hands of our experts, gatherers and artisans. Even packaging is carried out by hand, and this detail adds to our products’ indisputable quality.

[Often, our labels are a bit crocked, yet any attempt to straighten them would bring about protests from our retailers, friends and partners, who use this detail as a way to illustrate the passion that lies behind our business, showcasing the way we work at Borgo De’ Medici]



Borgo de’ Medici creates the concept behind all the products you’ll find in our catalogue, in terms of recipes, packaging, shapes and specific techniques. It directly manages the production of our goods preserved in jars (jam, sauces, vegetables in oil…). Continuously innovative, we try and reflect whatever nature brings, responding to the needs of the season and relying on sales experiences and client advice, while spotlighting various dining styles.

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