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Aesthetics and Food ethics
Food as culture, a love for the land and for people


The food industry has always had an interest in hiding the relationship between food, its ingredients and its production methods. When, in the mind of the consumer, food loses its link to agriculture and the land, consumers suffer from a sort of cultural amnesia that is misleading and damaging. Our idea of quality is based on strengthening ties (both material and symbolic) between people and the territory (terroir). The consumer must know that, in the food industry, volume and price constitute prime concerns. We, on the other hand, are most concerned with issues of health and taste.


When it comes to industrial production, food is normally produced according to methods and shortcuts designed to increase profits. Instead, we like to take all the time needed to produce food our way—slowly and with great care—using methods that are very similar to those employed by our grandparents. Profit is not the only objective of the work we do, nor is it the most important. Discussing the pleasure of eating means going beyond ethics and aesthetics: it means eating with utmost pleasure. This type of enjoyment can solely stem from knowledge, rather than ignorance, and it represents a profound example of our relationship with the world.


Policies spotlighting quality

Together with research companies and territorial agencies, we are currently creating a provision regarding high quality handcrafted production, with the aim of safeguarding our consumers. The objective of this provision is to valorize the ingredients harvested and gathered in our region for the preparation of specialty foods. It will foresee the protected designation of an ingredient’s origin (typical specialty) combined with a guarantee regarding preparation techniques used (craftsmanship and tradition). This ambitious, complex project will involve the entire company and its collaborators over the next few years; its aim is to make Borgo de’ Medici a point of reference and a trademark leader when it comes to upholding quality in the specialty foods sector in Europe.


Research and Development

Our company is continuously committed to improving our products and production processes. Significant economic and human resources have been allotted toward product research and development, as we intend to continue enhancing our products thanks to handcrafted know-how and keep looking for ways to benefit our clients. In addition to creating a provision, we have—with the help of territorial agencies—launched research projects regarding transformation techniques and the recovery of old-time, rare fruit and vegetable varieties that originated in our territory. These crops, which were once cultivated locally, have currently been abandoned and risk becoming extinct.

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